Blog Update


Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t written anything new since “Maidens, Centurions and Silly Points”. I wrote a lot in the vacation and I’m quite satisfied with the pieces I wrote and the response they received. At present I have an idea which I am working on, but it’s something experimental and very different from what I usually write, so I am taking my time with that. It will be a while before that sees the light of day. Apart from that, college has resumed after the vacations, so that means lesser online time. My free time is spent between sleeping and hanging out with my friends in college. It’s funny how it actually feels like vacation time now :p!

As far as new material goes, as soon as I feel that I have something which just cannot wait, I will post it. For now I’m just taking things a bit easy and having fun in college. Thanks for  visiting and reading!

Oh and by the way, if all goes well, I have a major announcement to make in the next few days (and no it’s neither a new girlfriend or a prank about one, this is real).

Stay tuned and let’s  hope that all turns out well!