Young and Stupid – Chapter II


I rushed straight to the phone at break-neck speed and punched the numbers almost automatically. The phone rang as I waited impatiently. 5 rings later, no one had answered the yet. I started to panic. All the efforts I put in to convince Mom were about to go to waste.

I started a mental countdown….5….4….3….21 1/2, 1….3/4ths ! Damn it answer the phone, 1/4th……I was about to hang up in despair as she answered the phone.


Hello”, she said in a faint sleepy voice.


What took you so long to answer the phone!”, I roared.


Who is this? And why are you shouting?”, she still sounded confused.


What do you mean, who is this? You mean there is another guy?!”


(Voice recognition kicked in that point)


One idiot is enough”, she said as she stretched yawningly.


Very funny. Guess what, I finally convinced mom to leave me home all by myself.”


Oh, so she finally decided to disown you and leave home! Told you so didn’t I?, she giggled.


No madam, what I meant to say I have the place to myself till at least 8 o’ clock. Isn’t that cool?”


Great now we can talk as much as we want to and you won’t have to hang up!”


I wanted to bang the receiver on my head, but chose otherwise.


No dear, guess again”


You want me to call you back? Okay, I can do that, no one’s home anyway.”


I can’t believe how this isn’t obvious. Do I have to spell it out for you?”


Wait a minute…you mean……mad or what? No no no, what if your mom finds out, or my mom

for that matter. I can’t sorry!”


Will you stop being a bhartiya naari for once. I’m just calling you over for the evening, I’m not asking you to elope.” I teasingly said.


You’re crazy, you’re going to get both of us killed for this you know!”


So you’re coming then….great! I have the whole thing planned out. You just come here looking pretty as usual.”


You and your compliments. I wonder how I fell for someone so filmy.”


It’s too late to regret over that, you should have thought of it when I asked you out.”


There’s always room for second thoughts.” she giggled again.


Hmm, maybe we should discuss this over tea at my place, what say?”


Sounds like a plan, I’ll be there in 30 mins.”


30 mins? You live 5 minutes away! Oh and madam, do you even know what building I live in?”


You’re there na, you come and pick me up.”


Sure and stroll into my building with my girlfriend, my neighbours would love that wouldn’t they?”


Fine fine I’ll come on my own.”


I explained the directions to her, she seemed to understand them, or at least she did a good job of pretending to do so. I looked at the watch. She said that she’d take half an hour, but if I were to go by past experience, it meant nothing less than 45 mins to an hour. Enough time to prepare. I paused for a moment to let it all sink in. I felt nervous, yet excited. Not the first time I had felt this way in this relationship. I’d always wanted to have her over at my place and now when it was finally about to happen, I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. But I decided to be optimistic for once, the plan had gone off smoothly so far, there wasn’t a reason why it shouldn’t now. Everything will be fine, I reassured myself…