Isspiderman Isspiderman!


Okay, so I haven’t really been on a writing-spree off late because I’ve been focusing on a project of mine called Madness Mandali which is currently producing a book of art-poetry titled KaviKala which comes out this November – w00t!

And no I still don’t have a blog-post to make but why bother when there is such ossum stuff available on the interwebs to entertain the masses! In the past I have blogged about Desi Superman, and it looks like the desi man of stainless steel has company in aavar number-one homeland.

Presenting Isspiderman – with 100% more dholki-beats in his theme song than Toby Maguire’s rendition of the Superhero

Enjaai, while I think up something entertaining to write!



Study Leave


Late to bed
Later to rise
Too bored to study
Surprise Surprise!

Read the paper,
Watch the news,
Watch some cartoons,
Be amused.

Drink some tea,
Have some chips,
Solve the crossword,
Read comic strips.

Turn on the computer,
Surf the net,
Rummage through the kitchen,
Eat what you get.

Chat with some friends,
Till there’s nothing more to say,
Waste some more time
And so ends the day!