Just Pazz


Paras a.k.a. Pazz

Born on 8th Feb 1988, Paras has always stood out, be it in his height, his intelligence or his quick wit. According to his mother he learnt to talk way before he could walk and he always spoke way too much for his age…..and still does! He never hesitated to say what was on his mind and sometimes it worked against him, but that hasn’t stopped him. “People like me call a spade a spade, whats wrong with that?” he quickly retorts. Being a loner, Paras never cared too much of what people thought of him, and that’s what made him different. You can always expect to get a good, unbiased judgment from him. Writing has been a passion for him since childhood. What started in the form of a diary soon took the shape of introspective writings, debates on various issues and not to mention some very ‘memorable’ write ups on his friends. He grew up in a middle class household and saw everything from family feuds, financial troubles and the likes. As he himself puts it, life has been his greatest teacher. Today he maintains his own blog where his writings are centered on these memories and everyday experiences such as college life, break ups, spirituality and current issues. His works range from thought provoking to just plain absurd at times depending on his mood but none the less make for an interesting read (take for example this bio)

He has always been close to his parents and his brother. He grew up aping his elder brother (much to his horror), and that’s the reason why the two share a great rapport unlike most siblings. Humor is something that runs through his family and a typical family day is a laugh riot (provided you catch on to all the inside jokes soon enough). Contrary to the popular trend, Paras dislikes parties and clubbing. “If I wanted to pay good money to spend my time in a dark, crowded, noisy place I’d travel first class in a Virar train at rush hour”, he laughingly adds. “I’d rather stay home and read a good book, watch some TV or a funny movie.”

Music has been a part of his life as long he can remember especially rock music. His first experience of rock music was when he found a CD of the Black album by Metallica at his cousin’s house. He was instantly hooked onto it though he hadn’t a clue for years who or what on earth Metallica was. Today he is a die hard rock fan and is also learning to play the drums. Friends say he’s got a good beat sense, while others incessantly beg him to stop drumming for once. It’s come to a point where he can’t do without music for a single day and his I-Pod is his trusty companion wherever he goes. He is so accustomed to loud music that he can sleep soundly even with Sepultura blasting on his headphones. He currently works as a freelance writer with the popular youth-mag – J.A.M.

Study-wise Paras has always been a good chap. Though he used to be amongst the top rankers in school and also recently in his college, he insists that success isn’t an end in itself for him but in fact a mere acknowledgment of his efforts. He currently is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Arts from Wilson College and intends to major in psychology. He is a strong believer in youth power and is quick to point out that at the core of every great revolution one finds bright young minds. “We need to make sure that this force is tapped for a good cause or else it can become loose cannon. That’s exactly why I want to become a teen counselor.”

Amongst other things he loves to sleep and hang out with his friends. Paras also passionately hate soap operas, pop music, Hindi movies and off late the object of his hatred is Himesh Reshammiya! “God knows how someone so annoying can be so popular. Like they say, it happens only in India!” he says before flying out the window.

*The above mentioned bio was written in third person by Paras. The compliments however were graciously bestowed upon him by his friends….either that…or Paras has an ego the size of Jupiter*

11 thoughts on “Just Pazz

  1. You are the first guy I have seen who wants to become a Teen Counselor…

    Good Good…

    I desperately needed a counselor when I was givin’ my boards…


  2. that was *amazing!* =D

    apart from the fact that it’s real cool that you want to be a teen counselor, the style of your writing is really fantastic, dude! =)

    keep ’em c’ming!

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