And the Major Announcement is…


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Like I promised you guys, I had a major announcement to make.

Things worked out favorably and now *drum roll* I am proud to announce that….

The ‘YOUNG & STUPID’ Series is being published in JAM- Magazine (The magazine similar to JLT, only better). The first part of the series is already out on stands. Check the Humour Section on Page 15 of the latest JAM issue, and don’t forget to check out the next six parts as and when they are published in the subsequent weeks. JAM is a fortnightly magazine, by the way, so the current issue is 30th November to 14th December. Part two will appear on the 15th December issue.

If all goes well, you guys will see more stuff by me published in JAM.

Pick your copy up today and let me know what you think of it. Don’t forget to tell all your friends, I’ve already told all of mine, but I still feel like bragging some more (modest ain’t I?).