Wrong-a-Lingam Raju


Respected Members of the Board,
My job has become a double-edged sword
Today I am writing you this letter,
To shed my loads and feel much better.

I’ve been hiding a truth
Which has many facets
So here it goes
‘Satyam has no assets!’

You see, unlike I said before,
We don’t really have 7000 crore.
That cash in fact exists nowhere,
I pulled that figure out of thin air.

It started off as harmless fun
I made eleven from one and one.
But then it all got out of hand,
I swear, from thereon, nothing was planned.

I thought I’d be busted
When those fellows did the audit,
But even they didnt seem to spot it!

Yes, I admit,
I’ve been a coward,
I was riding a tiger,
Trying not to get devoured.

But now it seems
The cat can’t be beaten
So sayonara folks!
Guess I’ll soon be eaten.

I wish this didn’t happen,
I wish it weren’t so bad.
But now that it has,
I’m fleeing to Hyderabad!

That’s all I have to say
Before I pack and go
Sorry for your troubles
The CEO.

The Financial Crisis Poem: Hickory-Dickory-Stocks


Inflation’s going up,
The Bear has killed the Bull,
And Lehmann Bros. are gul.
Soon the banks will be locked,

Stock market’s run out of luck,
The US announced ‘Bail-Out’,
But we still have our doubts
We know they’ve got no bucks

Now Iceland’s going broke,
And Argentina too,
And so are me and you.
And that’s the story folks,

It’s time to act, not talk.
So folks, pull up your socks,
And go sell all your stocks,
Before they fetch you rocks,