माझी कविता


My dear country-wallahs
Today I am again addressing you
And saying please,
Maintain unity, calm and peace.

Other day only
Politician uncle became bored
And told everyone
To put Marathi board

Please to remember
We live in democracy
Please to not listen
To this uncle who is crazy.

No shouting, No rioting,
No biting, No fighting
Protect the diversity
Of our city.

All Indians are brothers
And sisters of brothers no?
Now I will go,
Thank you for listening
Please tell others also!

Louve Poem


In full life I have one regret
That is to be the fact
That you and I never met.

Eighth, Ninth and Tenth,
Three years I spent
Waiting and waiting but still
My dreams were never filled.

Yet memories of you I cherish
Like a red red rose,
Which I will never dispose,
Until the day I perish.

When we will meeting
After how many years
That also I am not knowing

But I’m sure that the seed I planted
Will one day growing.