Pleasure’s All Mine

Go ahead! Do it!
Throw out the samosas I brought for you
On the first rainy day
After a muggy May
Straight out the window
Exchange that skirt – 
The one you used to love
The one I gave you,
After months of penny-pinching
For cheap steel utensils
Then give them away to the watchman
Who constantly tries to look down
Your top, whilst bending over 
That extra little bit
Tell the kids
I’m not their real father,
Just for kicks
And when they cry
Reassure them it was a lie
But not before mentioning
That I have a family history
Of rare cancers
Tell your girlfriends
I’m so terrible in bed
That the headaches
Feel orgasmic in comparison
Be a straight-up bitch
Pleasure’s all mine!
Give a fuck about this again!

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