Wrong-a-Lingam Raju


Respected Members of the Board,
My job has become a double-edged sword
Today I am writing you this letter,
To shed my loads and feel much better.

I’ve been hiding a truth
Which has many facets
So here it goes
‘Satyam has no assets!’

You see, unlike I said before,
We don’t really have 7000 crore.
That cash in fact exists nowhere,
I pulled that figure out of thin air.

It started off as harmless fun
I made eleven from one and one.
But then it all got out of hand,
I swear, from thereon, nothing was planned.

I thought I’d be busted
When those fellows did the audit,
But even they didnt seem to spot it!

Yes, I admit,
I’ve been a coward,
I was riding a tiger,
Trying not to get devoured.

But now it seems
The cat can’t be beaten
So sayonara folks!
Guess I’ll soon be eaten.

I wish this didn’t happen,
I wish it weren’t so bad.
But now that it has,
I’m fleeing to Hyderabad!

That’s all I have to say
Before I pack and go
Sorry for your troubles
The CEO.