Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review


It’s always a tricky proposition when you try to bring back a cult favourite with the lead actor on the wrong side of fifty. Case in point: Terminator 3 and Rocky Balboa. That of course was not a cause of concern for Steven Spielberg. He had bigger issues. His leading man Harrison Ford was far from fifty, he was 64! Whether or not Ford should reprise his role was a topic of many a heated discussion amongst long-standing Indiana Jones fans. But fear not, Harrison Ford does total justice to his part as the whip-cracking, mild-mannered professor who is actually a relic hunter. To be honest, he’s brilliant.

It was 1987 when we last saw him as Indiana Jones. Twenty years hence, both Indy and Ford have aged gracefully. That’s not to say that the action has been toned down. No sir! Indy still cracks his whip with the same charisma as a couple of decades ago and boasts of a physique that would put actors half his age to shame. Even at sixty-four Ford looks absolutely at ease as Indiana Jones. Young Shia LaBeouf as the Harley-riding greaser Mutt Williams provides adds the humour dimension to this movie with his youthful arrogance and his knack of landing himself in trouble. Cate Blanchett playing Irina Spalko, a top KGB agent who is touted as the apple of Lenin’s eye is a perfect blend of beauty and evil. The direction is spectacular as expected; it’s Spielberg after all. It must be said however that there is a distinct E.T. and Star Wars hangover in this movie but that’s not surprising considering it’s a Steven Spielberg – George Lucas collaboration.

The special effects are up to the mark, even in some of the over-the-top sequences. But the humour throughout the movie stands out. Also spare a thought for Karen Allen and John Hurt who have done their best within the limitations of their roles. All in all, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull meets the standards of a high-class Spielberg movie and is a worthy addition to the Indiana Jones series.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What the Ratings Mean:

0 – Terrible Beyond Imagination
1 – Mostly Pathetic
2 – Strictly OK
3 – Good
4 – Very Good
5 – Bow Down and Worship!