Between Love and Indifference.


What a lie we utter,
When we claim to be better,
Than the beasts,
And to be as apart from them
as west from the east.
When we say, ‘Looks don’t matter’
And then go flatter,
The next pretty face we meet,
And fall at their feet,
And roll on the floor,
And bend over backwards
And so much more,
Just to get that foot in the door.
But just as before,
It slams with rejection
And you sit there in dejection,
Telling yourself another lie,
That someday things will change,
If you try.
But failure shall always be around,
If you have a few extra pounds,
Or if you’re underweight,
Ain’t it great?
how we let someone else dictate
Our fate, based not on what we are,
But what they can see
That’s how shallow we can be!

The fools
can play by someone else’s rules,
But I refuse –
To do the same,
I refuse –
To play their games,
I’m going back to sleep,
Wake me up
When things have changed,
When the world isn’t so strange,
And when looks don’t make the difference,
Between love and indifference.