KRK – Hamaar Hero!


Yesterday I blogged about how Barack Obama showed even when the odds are seemingly insurmountable, dreams can still come true. While Barack may be the man of the hour, one man could soon overtake his popularity. I have just three letters for you, ladies and gentlemen, K-R-K. That’s no typo you idiots, I didn’t actually want to type S-R-K , he’s old news. I’m talking about the fresh new wave of awesomeness that is about to sweep the shores of Bollywood, and possibly the world – Kamaal Rashid Khan! Known in his hometown as the ‘Prince of Kameenas’ or ‘Kameena Raj Kumar’ (which is also a forced backronym of his initials), KRK has shown the world that awesomeness cannot be held back, no matter what! Any time now his debut phillum Desh Drohi will be released.


So what if no producer was willing to invest on him, KRK didn’t need their money! He went ahead and financed his own freakin movie. In your face Farhan Akhtar! Now you might say, “Big deal, he’d probably make some shoe-string budget movie with a bunch of unknown actors!” Wrong again my fraands! KRK has not only managed to rope an actress whose last two movies have both been declared tax free (one of them even went to the Oscars!) he has also has not one but TWO item girls in his movie! Now before you scream ‘Holy-Dhan-Dhana-Dhan-Goal’, hold your ghodas…because there is more!


Now any sadharan, mamuli actor would fight one villain, chalo two…okay chalo three bas! But KRK is no ordinary actor my fraands,  he fights not four, not five, heck not even half a dozen villains. He fights over ten of them! Rumor has it that when the censors refused to clear Desh Drohi on the grounds that it had too much violence, KRK shot three of the five censor board officials through the screen with his lethal gun locket! The other two have since gone underground, never to be seen again.


I know what you’re thinking, “This is a mad man! All that his movie has is sex, violence and narcissism”. Well that’s where you are wrong again. Desh Drohi, features all that PLUS a brilliant social message and not to mention, world-class dialogues.

Tickle your tastebuds with this one : “Ayyy Inspector, mera naam Yadav hai Yadav! Aur Yadav kabhi Bhikhari nahi hota, hamesha king hota hai king!”

Hungry for more? Here’s another one!: “Kabhi UP-Bihar aa kar to dekho, mehmaan ko Bhagwaan maante hai Bhagwaan!”


As you may have guessed, KRK has descended upon our planet not just to start a trend with his awesome hairstyle and glares but to also unite the nation. “Hindustan Ek hai!” he proudly proclaims.


Now I don’t know about you guys, but I personally am sold on this one! So though right now Desh Drohi’s release has been postponed, I’m sure our herowa will defy the oddwas again and come soon to a theaterwa near us!

Be prepared for awesomeness, KRK aavat hai!