Kaach Maanja


Your love was like glasspowderkitestring,
You anchored me, yet let me fly,
Nothing could ever come in my way
Except for low hanging cable wires
And damn pigeons
Who can’t watch where they’re going

You were with me every inch of the way
Invisible but ever-present,
And when they’d try to pull us apart,
Your sharp replies left them bloodied

One day I flew too far from you
‘Wind up’ you said, I disagreed
You snapped
No dheel

At first I thought
It was your loss
What good is glasspowderkitestring
Without the kite?
Then I saw you flying
With that empty polythene scumbag

No one chases a vagabond kite these days
Even if one wants to, the threat of being ass-raped
By a bunch of bullies, cannot be overlooked
Either that…
Or I totally missed the point Kite Runner was trying to make


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