Trial and Error


Would you just look
At the mess you’re making here?
Every word that comes out of your mouth,
Hits the floor, breaks into shards
Each with a different destination in mind;
None eventually hitting the mark.

You hop, skip, jump,
Make sloppy little pirouettes,
Spin around me like a moon with a wonky orbit;
Comfortably apart one second,
Millimeters away from colliding the next.

Yet, I know you pose no harm.
If you truly knew how to conduct
This bizarre symphony of yours,
I’d be concerned.

But trial and error
Can make a chimp
Look like a genius sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Trial and Error

  1. For some,
    its a trial, and trial, and trial again…
    Because Someone,
    a long time ago,
    at creation,
    some connections.

    But the mother connects,
    the chaos,
    the trying,
    the throwing of words,
    the breaking;

    the trial and error
    for her,
    he has always been,
    The Genius !

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