She’s only 24,
Just twelve pages older
Than I will be in another day,

But she has seen the dark of night
Several hundred times more than I have

She’s walks in,
Leading a troop of five
Two on either side
Clinging to her skinny arms
Bearing episodes
She’d rather not talk about

While the fifth
Rests in a sling around her neck
Leeching away her
last ounce of strength

“Maarta hai kya?
Relation ke time zabardasti karta hai kya raat ko?
Bol na!”

The piercing cry
of the four month old
Voices the torment she tries to mask

“Operation kar ke band karva le!
Mar jayegi!”

God doesn’t allow it, she says

I wonder
How he allows this?


One thought on “Twenty-Four

  1. Konika

    Touching. I liked it.
    PS- “The piercing cry
    of the fourth month old”
    I think it should be 4 month old coz its the fifth kid right. 🙂 But I guess the fourth month old sounds good with the flow.

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