Strike 3…One to go!


DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictitious. That was a lie! All comments in parantheses have been added by me.

Some Girl is currently Away

ME (Hopeful): Hey u there?

10 mins later

Some Girl: Yeah..just going off

ME: Something about my timing!

Some Girl : LOL

ME: Or maybe this is planned… hmm

Some Girl:  Oh please! Maybe it’s my timing?

Some Girl:  thought I’d turn in early that’s all

ME (Pushing it): Can I convince you to do otherwise?

Some Girl: Well since I’m not particularly sleepy…

ME (Note the confidence!): I mean is it just a thought to turn in early? Or is it carved in stone?

Some Girl (Weighing options): I was just trying to infuse some discipline in my life…because its so unplanned

ME: Then you better delete folks like me off your list because believe me, I show up at the oddest of times :-p (Does the 😛 make it sound like I’m salvaging pride? Yes? Cool!)

Some Girl: 😛 (That confirms it)

Some Girl: Hey BRB

ME: There we go… (I need to shut up!)

Some Girl: No really ‘Long-lost-friend calling’

ME: No No…I’m just kidding around (HAHA! Sigh L)

25 mins later

Some Girl: Im back!

(Breaking the sound barrier)

ME: Welcome back!

ME: There’s no ‘but ‘ after ‘I’m back?’ (I may as well reject myself now!)

Some Girl: Hmm…should there be one? (See! She’s pondering over it!)

ME: No No! I can live without one (Too late!)

Some Girl: 🙂

ME: I must be a nuisance to put up with, ain’t it? I show up at the oddest of times:-p and try to strike up convos (Just in case she wasn’t sure I was single and desperate!)

Some Girl: Naah (Read ‘Positive! He’s a stalker’)

ME: Is that ‘Naah you’re not? Or ‘Naah I’ve seen worse!’

Some Girl: Hell…u r sharp:) Seen much much worse:) ure NOT (Wait, I’m not what?)

ME: I have a way of picking up thinly veiled insults :-p (It’s like I expect this smiley fella to somehow alter the meaning of what I say!)

ME: Well from what I’ve heard of you, you don’t entertain folks who irritate you…so ill go by that. Are u thinking up a response to that or something :-p (Anybody got an axe? I wanna free kick it!)

Some Girl: I was..but I typed it in another window..And then erased it.  So let it just go (Like I don’t know what it is!)

ME: Nah, let me have it! (GERONIMO!)

Some Girl: I don’t talk to people  I don’t like. I’m pretty direct that way

ME: Come to think of it putting up most people is a chore for me, so when I find people I actually can effortlessly talk to, life seems so much simpler (Please date me!)

ME: I’m tempted to steer this to my favorite topic relationships…..but then people think I’m desperately single (I wonder why?)

Some Girl: Hmm…What can I say to that?

ME: Something re-assuring maybe…

Some Girl: Awww!! That’s ok (Simmering Sarcasm, BATMAN)

< 20 mins of silence>

ME: Somehow I get the feeling you’re not even reading what I’m saying

<5 mins later >

Some Girl: No I am…was talking to ‘Long-lost-friend’ again, I’m sorry

ME:  Oh okay.. it’s just that with people I don’t know well, I need to periodically check whether I’m irritating them/boring them. it’s a quirk (It’s a fact). I don’t like empty silences.

Some Girl: Then fill them..:)

ME: Yeah but my fillers can get stupid, and I don’t like to look stupid around people who aren’t stupid (I’d have never guessed you were stupid Paras!)

Some Girl: Aaah ok fine! I give up. I can’t handle two conversations at one go when you’re one of the two people (or even if you’re the only one)

ME:  Good…so I think most probably I’m going to be the one from the 2 that’s edged out (Yes, make the choice easier

Some Girl: 🙂

ME: I hate the way I’m right about these things

Some Girl: 😛 (I hate this smiley too, as of right now)

ME: I’d say I’ll call you sometime but I have no clue whether you have any intentions of being in contact with me (Not once the restraining order comes in, Nope!)

Some Girl: We can continue this conversation the next time we meet online..what say?

ME: I think I’ll be here (I think we’ve established that) No word on the phone call though…nicely dodged :-p (‘:-P’ – Making Soul crushing easier)

Some Girl (Rapidly): Thank u 😛 I really have to go now, you take care, go to sleep now

ME: Hmm so that’s a no for the phone call, right?

Some Girl: Sharp as ever (Sweet! She thinks I’m smart! I’ve sooo got this one in the bag!)