Strike 3…One to go!


DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictitious. That was a lie! All comments in parantheses have been added by me.

Some Girl is currently Away

ME (Hopeful): Hey u there?

10 mins later

Some Girl: Yeah..just going off

ME: Something about my timing!

Some Girl : LOL

ME: Or maybe this is planned… hmm

Some Girl:  Oh please! Maybe it’s my timing?

Some Girl:  thought I’d turn in early that’s all

ME (Pushing it): Can I convince you to do otherwise?

Some Girl: Well since I’m not particularly sleepy…

ME (Note the confidence!): I mean is it just a thought to turn in early? Or is it carved in stone?

Some Girl (Weighing options): I was just trying to infuse some discipline in my life…because its so unplanned

ME: Then you better delete folks like me off your list because believe me, I show up at the oddest of times :-p (Does the 😛 make it sound like I’m salvaging pride? Yes? Cool!)

Some Girl: 😛 (That confirms it)

Some Girl: Hey BRB

ME: There we go… (I need to shut up!)

Some Girl: No really ‘Long-lost-friend calling’

ME: No No…I’m just kidding around (HAHA! Sigh L)

25 mins later

Some Girl: Im back!

(Breaking the sound barrier)

ME: Welcome back!

ME: There’s no ‘but ‘ after ‘I’m back?’ (I may as well reject myself now!)

Some Girl: Hmm…should there be one? (See! She’s pondering over it!)

ME: No No! I can live without one (Too late!)

Some Girl: 🙂

ME: I must be a nuisance to put up with, ain’t it? I show up at the oddest of times:-p and try to strike up convos (Just in case she wasn’t sure I was single and desperate!)

Some Girl: Naah (Read ‘Positive! He’s a stalker’)

ME: Is that ‘Naah you’re not? Or ‘Naah I’ve seen worse!’

Some Girl: Hell…u r sharp:) Seen much much worse:) ure NOT (Wait, I’m not what?)

ME: I have a way of picking up thinly veiled insults :-p (It’s like I expect this smiley fella to somehow alter the meaning of what I say!)

ME: Well from what I’ve heard of you, you don’t entertain folks who irritate you…so ill go by that. Are u thinking up a response to that or something :-p (Anybody got an axe? I wanna free kick it!)

Some Girl: I was..but I typed it in another window..And then erased it.  So let it just go (Like I don’t know what it is!)

ME: Nah, let me have it! (GERONIMO!)

Some Girl: I don’t talk to people  I don’t like. I’m pretty direct that way

ME: Come to think of it putting up most people is a chore for me, so when I find people I actually can effortlessly talk to, life seems so much simpler (Please date me!)

ME: I’m tempted to steer this to my favorite topic relationships…..but then people think I’m desperately single (I wonder why?)

Some Girl: Hmm…What can I say to that?

ME: Something re-assuring maybe…

Some Girl: Awww!! That’s ok (Simmering Sarcasm, BATMAN)

< 20 mins of silence>

ME: Somehow I get the feeling you’re not even reading what I’m saying

<5 mins later >

Some Girl: No I am…was talking to ‘Long-lost-friend’ again, I’m sorry

ME:  Oh okay.. it’s just that with people I don’t know well, I need to periodically check whether I’m irritating them/boring them. it’s a quirk (It’s a fact). I don’t like empty silences.

Some Girl: Then fill them..:)

ME: Yeah but my fillers can get stupid, and I don’t like to look stupid around people who aren’t stupid (I’d have never guessed you were stupid Paras!)

Some Girl: Aaah ok fine! I give up. I can’t handle two conversations at one go when you’re one of the two people (or even if you’re the only one)

ME:  Good…so I think most probably I’m going to be the one from the 2 that’s edged out (Yes, make the choice easier

Some Girl: 🙂

ME: I hate the way I’m right about these things

Some Girl: 😛 (I hate this smiley too, as of right now)

ME: I’d say I’ll call you sometime but I have no clue whether you have any intentions of being in contact with me (Not once the restraining order comes in, Nope!)

Some Girl: We can continue this conversation the next time we meet online..what say?

ME: I think I’ll be here (I think we’ve established that) No word on the phone call though…nicely dodged :-p (‘:-P’ – Making Soul crushing easier)

Some Girl (Rapidly): Thank u 😛 I really have to go now, you take care, go to sleep now

ME: Hmm so that’s a no for the phone call, right?

Some Girl: Sharp as ever (Sweet! She thinks I’m smart! I’ve sooo got this one in the bag!)

Fistful of Earth


Round and around we go,
Stumbling aimlessly,
With each passing second
I grow wearier still,
Soon it will be all over.

You never knew just what to say,
That, to me, said it all.
My collar chokes and tugs me back,
All that’s ahead is futile,
Like all gone by.

My tears evaporate
Before they hit the ground,
Your carefree laugh
Echoes through my empty head,
While my voice bounces off your’s.

Let’s hurt ourselves no more,
And lay to waste
All that is,
All that was,
And all that could have been.

This way, at least,
We won’t watch it wither
Until it dies.

Here goes my fistful of earth…