Be there or B-Squared


Let’s play a little game, shall we?
But I don’t want to!
It’s going to be fun!
We have all sorts of fascinating creatures,
And characters and quests.
But I’d rather play something else…
Come on now, its really simple.
This stands for that, and that for something else,
But in reality something else is actually this
See how we switched places for the heck of it?
Now tell me if I took this, that and something else
Put it in bag, added some spice,
And shook it nicely,
Would that stand for this, and this for that?
Why don’t you just open the bag and see for yourself?
Because its more fun to guess without it!
Says who?
Its the rule, silly!
I don’t get it.
That’s impossible, everyone gets it!
How is this supposed to be fun again?
It’s fun if you want to have fun…
I do…this isn’t.
That’s only because you’re stupid
And you won’t put your head into it.
Now be a sport and tell me what happens
When you combine this, that, that other thing,
And that thing we began with,
With double the value of something else?
Aren’t we having fun yet?

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