Deranged Marriage


Two months ago, they met
And now he sits atop a horse,
Dressed for war, should the need arise,
But enemies are far from sight.

They sing and dance around in joy
Congrats to you, my little boy!
Tis the biggest day of your life,
You’re now a man, go get your wife!

Ahead she waits in red and gold,
With trembling hands and feet so cold,
She garlands him, he does likewise,
Her mother weeps, surprise surprise!

Flowers, gifts and dinner sets,
Pictures, relatives and favorite pets,
They all arrive one by one,
And stay until the night is done.

Seven times they circle the flame,
And soon she takes upon his name,
Her mother weeps once again,
The rest chime in to her refrain,

They hug, they cry
And then its done,
She goes away,
With the morning sun.

Still Not BFFs


We’re different, you and I…
You’re one-legged,
While I just have a minor sprain.
You hobble with a crutch at side
I stroll along with trifle pain.
And so saying she had a fall,
I helped her up,
With crutch and all.