RE: Hey! How’s it going?


It’s not that I hate you,
I just don’t like you enough.
You could be here one moment
And fade away the next,
And I wouldn’t so much as bat an eyelid.

It’s not that I dislike the company,
I’ve just had better.
I’ve done my time
And assembled a cozy tribe
I’m sure you have too.
Why must we then pretend?
To co-depend,
When co-existence is all we need?

I’m sure you’re great and everything
That we like the same ice creams…
And share the same star-sign,
Or feel like there wasn’t anyone
Who could ‘get’ you ,
Until we found a glimmer of hope in each other.

Maybe you and I do hurt the same,
And maybe you too wish
That we’d go beyond our cursory ‘Hello’
And heal each other.

We could be Facebook buddies,
Random acquaintances who call once a while
Friends (with or without benefits),
Happy Neighbours,
Or Soul-twins joined at the hip.
If we could KNOW each other.

But where’s the time for that?
You have much to see,
And I have seen enough.
Have your world to yourself,
Leave mine to me.
And we should all be okay.

Do drop to share a customary, ‘Hello’ though,
I’d love to keep in touch,

Then again, that’s just fluff!


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