Male Privilege and its Disadvantages


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What I have uploaded here is a college assignment on Group Identity, Privilege and Disadvantages as part of my Personal and Interpersonal Development of the Counsellor Course. Since the internet (particularly certain blogs) was a great source of help for me while writing this essay, I decided to put my final product up on the internet as well. Should you choose to refer to, quote or borrow from this article for any purpose, I request that you acknowledge me as the author and link to

Preferably, email me at parryshamsatgmaildotcom and let me know how you’ve used it!

Right – click on the link below and click ‘Save Link As’ to download this file

Group Identity

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One thought on “Male Privilege and its Disadvantages

  1. Ok First of all, OMG! I am so happy that you chose to write about this topic. We have been learning so much about our social location as women of color.

    It has been tough for women the world over dealing with the simple denial (or lack thereof) of the existence of male privilege. Whether it is to do with the way the law works or the way the trains, buses, desks or chairs are built, its obvious that the world works from the assumption that the white, heterosexual, upper class male is the norm. (I think of this every morning when the I can barely reach the top of the handle bar on the ceiling of the bus or when my friend’s feet don’t touch the ground and are left swinging while sitting at her desk simply because we are far shorter than the average white male! Ridiculous!!)

    Patriarchy is literally the root of all evil. Everything stems from the belief that men are superior because they were created to be that way. Get out there and challenge that. We need men and women to work side by side especially in India to get rid of these unwritten, unsaid laws of a wretched patriarchal society.

    I dont know if you’re allowed to cite online resources for your article but I thought maybe you could add some more details about the inequality between men and women based on employment, women’s rights, etc etc. I found this while I was doing my own research on women’s rights. Still not that great. take a look.

    I did notice that on the last page you talked about being an Indian and then later about belonging to a larger community of ‘brown people’. I do know that the term is used as slang and not the same way that ‘white’ or ‘black’ is used. I would suggest using the more globally accepted ‘South East Asian Community’ although it is quite a mouthful. My two cents. =)

    All in all, I thought it was a great paper and I hope you do really well on it. Super proud of you! 🙂 *hugs my little feminist activist*

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