How’s The View From Your High-Horse?


Go ahead, do it,
If you feel like snapping her neck
In one swift motion
Like a helpless little twig,
Sincerely, be my guest.

If you want to tell him to his face
What a crap-filled hypocrite he is,
Instead of plastering on a fake smile
And playing along, God-speed to you!

If you feel like not-so-subtly reminding her
That its her twisted personality
And not ‘stress’ that makes her
Act like a class-A pain in the ass.
I say why tomorrow, do it now.

But if you can’t,
Or don’t want to,
Or think that its not like ‘you’,
Or that it’s uncharacteristic of your friggin’ moon-sign
By all means,
Put a sock in it when someone else does!


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