Pun Intended!


Over the past few weeks I have been facing an acute case of writers block.  But being the professional that I am I have overcome this through my sheer dedication (which involved hours of slouching on the couch watching back to back IPL matches in a semi hypnotic state with crumbs all over my tee). The Citi Moment of Success as they call it in the IPL came during a post presentation commercial break where they announced their sponsors one by one. The one that managed to catch my eye was India’s No.1 Emergency Contraceptive – I-PILL!
Now, pardon the cricket pun, but straight off the bat, one cant help but think, “What the heck does I-Pill have to do with IPL?”
However considering the fact that no one sponsors any TV show unless they believe that their products sales will be benefit from advertising on it, it is most likely that the think-tank at I-Pill HQ has some killer marketing strategy in mind for I-Pill in conjunction with the IPL. Even if not, this is pure gold for a humor writer like me who thrives solely on double meaning one-liners! I therefore would like to present a series of possible copies that could be used to advertise I-Pill during the IPL.

  • IPL involves protecting the boundaries…I-Pill is protection BEYOND boundaries
  • Be it on the field or in the bedroom…every spill is costly!
  • …Because every lusty stroke between the covers requires protection!
  • I-Pill: Helping you play through fine legs without worrying about the slips!
  • Its best to avoid risky singles, but if you must…Use I-Pill!
  • I-Pill – Protecting your wicket even when your partner makes the wrong call.
  • I-Pill – Recommended by the Knight Riders…if you know what we mean! 😉

If you think you are as Punny as I am…feel free to add your own in comments section!


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