Here’s to Christine!



Now I know everyone else has already said most of what’s there to be said to you by way of letters, pictures and even dedicated blog posts. So let me begin by saying the things you should not expect from this:

  1. This was not written to say that ‘I wanted to but couldn’t cry at the airport.’ ( No offense to those who cried, but I don’t express myself that way.)
  2. This is not Metamorphosis of Chaddi for which you’ve pestered me for so long now. A very good reason why I never wrote one for you (besides the fact that getting all the bhaav is fun is that you brought so much laughter into our lives…intentionally, (unlike some of our lesser fortunate victims…I mean fortunate friends).
  3. No long origin stories of our louve and fraandship like the first part of a bad superhero movie. For that you can refer to this earlier letter.
  4. Pretty much don’t expect much, okay? (Kidding!)

Okay so let’s get to the actual things I wanted to say to you. You and I may have never spent time in just each other’s company and not really had too many one-to-one conversations, but it would be a great understatement on my part at least (and I hope yours too) if I said that you didn’t occupy a significant place in my life over the last few years that I’ve known you. Despite the fact that the time we spent together only decreased as the years went by and you graduated from college, we didn’t grow apart. That’s one of the things I’m thankful for.

Surprisingly, I never really imagined us being friends outside of college when we first started hanging out, but the time gone by has only proved that wrong and as it turns out, you have been one of the people who have been consistently around in my life through changing times. If you actually go to see it you in a way you did hold all of us together. Every time you came to our side of town, there’d be at least half a dozen folks who’d want to spend time with you just as much as say Oscar or I. So ‘Christine’s coming to IC’ was like an unofficial reason to get together. After everyone’s schedules got crazy, those were the only times I can remember that most of us hung out together. At the risk of sounding mushy and cliched, I can say that now that you’ve gone to Canada, it’s the end of a chapter not just in yours but all our lives as well. A chapter we’ll all look back fondly on until you return (with a different hair-cut and further accented English and worsened Hindi) from Canada.

Another thing for which I can’t thank you enough is my first memorable birthday party. Though its a world of fun to throw someone a surprise party, its totally something else when you’re on the receiving end of surprise. Thank you for putting your own farewell second to make my day. Also, a big hi-five to you for not being a girly-girl (well mostly) around all of us guys. Being in a class full of girls has made see to a certain extent how it can be hard to relate when there’s absolutely no one of the opposite sex around. So for everytime I made a sour face at the mention of a Shahid Kapoor movie and for every time I tried to talk Oscar out of going for a chick-flick with you (to no avail anyway), I empathize and offer my half-hearted apologies (I still can’t bring myself to watch 27 Dresses or Jab We Met, sorry!).

Also sorry for all the Amit Naik jok….nah, not really sorry for those.Finally thank you for being the person that you are and for warmly accepting those who meant something to me as your own friend unlike some other so-called ‘best pals’. And for all the Bollywood song and dance, for the movies we watched together (complete with loud comments), for cheesecakes shared in Theos and that outrageously expensive god awful joint, Just Around the Corner, for all the fun times embarrassing random strangers in trains and for ordering hideously huge amounts of McDonald’s food in our inimitable style. I wish just as much as the next person that those times would never end, but that would be selfish, so with lots of love and fond memories of louve and fraandships, I wish you basht luck for everything you do. We’ll never let you go out of our hearts…or in other words Sodnaar Nahi!



5 thoughts on “Here’s to Christine!

  1. burpingbutterfly

    I dont wanna say cliche things like awwww n all. But Im still gonna :p Awwwwwwww. Your the best. Now dedicate one post to me! Thank you!

  2. Aww!! Pazzy!! That was really really nice. I didn’t cry after reading.. But I laughed and that’s just as good..maybe even better!! I’m glad I had these past few years with you. Memories that will stay no matter how far away I am. I think I shall buy a cat and name him/her ‘paras’ in memory of you.
    please don’t dedicate a post to sheila.. it will make me feel less special..!! 😀 Love you!! *swings hands*

  3. What do you mean by “further” accented english?? My english was not accented! My hindi was!! 😛
    Just Around the Corner was horrible aye??
    But dont go to Candies without me ok??

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