Top 5 Worst Telebrands Products


Has this ever happened to you? It’s late in the night and you can’t get any sleep. Totally bored, you decide to watch some TV. You flip channel after channel showing stupid TV Shopping Infomercials…and BAM! Before you know it, you’ve bought a set of 45 knives for 5k just because they threw in Miracle Car Wax. It’s a different story that you don’t have a car and probably won’t for a while if you keep blowing cash like this. But fikar not, I want you to get that gaddi! Here’s a list of products you should avoid at any cost (Even if they sell it for 4999/- only!). Paise bachao, gaadi chalao!


5) Air Lounge – Rs. 5999/- plus taxes!

Haven’t you always wished for an inflatable sofa-cum-bed-cum-mattress-cum-chaise lounger- cum – pool toy but couldn’t find one anywhere? Well now you can! For a small fortune, this inflatable abomination can be yours! What’s more, this sofa-cum-bed-cum..(You get the idea right?) can be run over by a truck and not pop. Bas! No more thinking pick up the phone now, order this, plop your Saasu Maa on it and leave it in the middle of the road. Couch bhi safe and Saasu Maa also taken care of!


4) HoverDisc – Rs.999/- plus lots of unheard taxes!

Have you ever looked at a helium blimp in the sky and sighed, “I wish I could buy one of these for my kid!” Well brace yourself because, yes you’re right, you can buy it now! Presenting HoverDisc – it flies like a Frisbee and hovers like a blimp! Just take a deep breath and inflate it to its 3-foot glory and if you manage not to pass out, you can have a ball of a time in the park with your munchkin! Just make sure you don’t toss it out for your dog, because at the end of the day it’s inflatable and therefore explod-able!

3) Cyclone Diet – Rs.1099/- inclusive of taxes (NOT!)

You’ve bought a sexy size-zero dress a la Kareena for the prom ten days later but can’t fit into because you’re a planet. Don’t do an overdose of sleeping pills so soon try Cyclone Diet! This pricey, foul-tasting distant cousin of Rasna promises to help you lose 5 kgs in 48 hrs through a new breakthrough diet…EXPLOSIVE DIARRHOEA!


2) AirPress Massager Rs.2999/- + 400/- bucks for useless add-ons + taxes

Are long work hours, traffic jams and packed trains taking a toll on your muscles? If yes, then you MUST buy AirPress Massager. With it’s ‘massage boots’ (which look like casts) that blow compressed air, how can you wrong! But don’t make my word, the experts say it feels like “Five Sets of Hands Massaging Your Arms and Legs!”


1) Urine Gone Rs.2999/- + Taxes + Life-long embarrassment

Are you tired of shrugging ‘Boys will be boys!” every time your husband pees on the carpet/couch/bed? Well it’s time to put your foot down sister! Presenting Urine Gone a.k.a liquid soap! Just point to that giant pee-stain and shoot and presto, your carpet will smell like stale urine masked by cheap perfume! If you have problems sighting gigantic pee stains however, fear not, Urine Gone comes with a UV Lamp. Just turn the lights off and turn the UV Lamp on! Where are you going to hide now pee stains!