Jimmy Review


It’s impossible to review Jimmy by normal movie standards, because quite frankly it’s out of the ordinary. To review Jimmy, one must come at par with it’s standard . And that means descending from one’s leather recliner at the multiplex to the folding chair in the stall of a single screen. Jimmy is truly is incomplete without the tapori theater experience. So assuming you know exactly what to expect from Mithun Da’s son Mimoh’s debut movie, I now present to you the review.

Quite often in Bollywood today, the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful weak-scripted film is the budget and the publicity. Case in point, the hare-brained extravaganza Om Shanti Om which turned out to be the previous year’s biggest hit film. Now take that outrageously high budget and the hype away from OSO and there you have Jimmy, a movie with a script on par with OSOs, but on a much smaller budget.

Anybody who wants to watch some serious cinema should not be anywhere within the vicinity of a theater playing Jimmy as the movie caters to audiences who want to have a laugh riot for a couple of hours inside an air-conditioned hall without paying too much. In short, it caters to audiences who can tolerate Mithun Da movies. One need not be a rocket scientist to know that Mimoh is going to be every movie critic’s whipping boy until the next bad acting debut in Bollywood, but that does not necessarily mean that his acting career is over. Tusshar Kapoor still manages to get films, so does Ritesh Deshmukh and Aftaab Shivdasani and Dino Morea and even Uday Chopra for that matter. Mimoh’s leading lady Vivana, however may not be as lucky considering that she has no Godfather’s in Bollywood (at least none that we know of).

Coming to the story of the movie…well there isn’t much of a story. Jimmy (Mimoh) is an automobile engineer by day and a DJ by night who break dances like his feet are on fire at the drop of a hat. The only mission to his life is to pay off his late father’s business debts. His fair maiden Megha (Vivana) is a filthy rich, brat who is an extremely bad driver. The two fall in love after the third time Megha rams into Jimmy and his car, but hey, at least Jimmy didn’t use the Gayatri Mantra and a little girl with a hole in her heart like Himesh did. Jimmy soon learns that he has a brain tumor ‘in the final stage’ which leaves him with anything from a week to a couple months to live. At the same time, the bank manager comes to Jimmy and demands that his money be paid back within three months. An offer from a wealthy business Rajat Sharma acts as a window of opportunity for Jimmy. Sharma offers Jimmy Rs. 50 lakh to accept the blame for his mistress’s murder which Jimmy obviously gobbles up. But soon he realizes that there’s a bigger conspiracy and an evil villain behind it all, and that he does not indeed have a brain tumor. The rest of the movie is Jimmy running from the cops in his inimitable style.

The flow of the movie is virtually non-existent. It’s like a sketch comedy show, except for the fact that the ‘comedy’ is accidental. One will definitely lose count of the number of songs in the movie as some are played for about 30 seconds in an absolutely unrelated sequence. The fight scenes are just about the same quality as a Mithun flick from the 90’s. Ditto as far the dialogues and the dubbing goes. But then again, that’s the beauty of Jimmy. It’s mindless, non-serious, over the top, masala cinema at it’s finest. That’s not such a bad thing to be in India where movies like Sivaji make a killing at the box-office.

All in all, if one sets realistic expectations and lowers their skywards pointing noses, Jimmy is one hundred percent VFM at a single screen theater. Go get your buddies today and have a great 2 and a half hours of whistling and hooting at the screen.

By serious standards Jimmy is a train-wreck…but then again it’s Jimmy, who’s serious anyway?

RATING: 5 out of 5 if you enjoy movies like Jimmy like I do.

What the Ratings Mean:

0 – Terrible Beyond Imagination
1 – Mostly Pathetic
2 – Strictly OK
3 – Good
4 – Very Good
5 – Bow Down and Worship!