Speed Racer Review



The same guys who directed one of the most successful (and cryptic) trilogies in Hollywood, The Matrix Trilogy seem to have completely lost their minds with this one. The brothers it seems, got tired of all the black and green from their Matrix days and decided to direct a color riot. Actually ‘color riot’ is an understatement,it’s more like the screen was attacked with all the colors in the Asian Paints repertoire!

The plot of the movie is a total run of the mill under dog story. Speed Racer (Yes that is his REAL NAME) played by Emile Hirsch, is a young, hot shot racer with an enormous appetite for success. He drives for his father Pops Racer’s team Racer Motors (once again, Racer Motors is to the other teams what Maruti Go-karts are to a Ferrari). Impressed with Speed’s talent, a corporate biggie, Mr. Royalton (owner of ‘Royalton Motors’) offers him a contract which will help Speed leapfrog to Grand Prix success. But keeping his sanskaars in mind, Speed does not give in to temptation and declines the offer following which Mr. Royalton shows his ugly side and swears that Speed will ‘never win a race, let alone finish the next one). But little does he know that Speed has a guardian angel…Racer X…his since-long ‘deceased’ brother (who faked his death and got a plastic surgery, and changed his voice too in true Ekta Kapoor soap fashion).

Defying the odds one after the other, Speed first ends up on the winning team of a treacherous Cross-Country race, ‘The Casa Cristo’ in which his brother Rex, a.k.a. Racer X died. And finally he realizes his dream and wins the baap of all races, The Grand Prix with the support of Pops, Mom, Spritle, Chim Chim the Chimp and his girlfriend Trixie (Cristina Ricci).

The performances are loaded with over-acting, but then again what do you expect in a Speed Racer adaptation. The $100,000,000 worth special effects are worse than the earliest versions of Need for Speed. This movie is by no means worth a multiplex ticket.

The only saving grace to this one is young Paulie Litt’s performance as Spritle. The kid will have you in splits everytime he’s on screen.


RATING: 1 out of 5.

What the Ratings Mean:

0 – Terrible Beyond Imagination
1 – Mostly Pathetic
2 – Strictly OK
3 – Good
4 – Very Good
5 – Bow Down and Worship!

3 thoughts on “Speed Racer Review

  1. Samarth

    Arre…. It’s actually brilliantly directed. The original 1960’s Japanese cartoon wasn’t a very serious thing either. But fuck, that car was awesome, and IS awesome and that’s what drew people to the show. I know the concept is a bit hard to swallow but then it’s not as if Transformers was any better in terms of believability. But it really worked. There’s something morbidly freakish about Cars that turn into Robots. The creator of Speed Racer was said to have been inspired by Bond’s Aston Martin and that really does show. The Wachowskis did the right thing in not setting out to make a ‘serious’ rendition of Speed Racer. Incidentally the name Speed Racer itself is a triple-entendre in it’s original Japanese form, I suggest you check the Wiki article on it before making fun of ‘Speed Racer’ (We all know how ridiculous, but nonetheless endearing Japanese->English translations all are). I like the 60’s feel of the movie, especially the technicolour-like rendition of it. The casting isn’t bad either. So I’d say it’s actually a well made flick.

  2. The Wachowski bros certainly put a lot of effort into making Speed Racer… the movie overall looked and felt like a cross between anime, a kaleidoscope, that Flintstones movie, a video game and the Dukes of Hazard

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