Young Dads, Old Dads and Trannies!


The Rajasthan Royals may have been defeated thoroughly by the Mumbai Indians yesterday, but some Rajasthani under-19s still scored! In fact under-16s. Move over Ravindra Jadeja, Khiya Ram Jat is the new star from Rajasthan.

Teenagers all over India already consider him a hero. But what exactly did Khiya Ram Jat do that brought him the name and shame fame? All ye virgins, prepare to bow down and worship! Khiya Ram got laid at 14! In your face Steve Carell! He didn’t just get laid at 14 he did it unprotected. In your face I-Pill and ‘Kandome’ commercials! Not only did he get laid at 14 and do it unprotected, he did it with an older (16 year old) chick! In your face wannabe high-school studs! And finally, not only did he get laid at 14, do it unprotected with a 16 year old chick…he was married at 11! In your face and!

Khiya Ram Jat, enjoyed a celebrity status (more older chicks, fast cars camels and the whole shebang!) for a

good part of a year…until of course he realized that he was now a father! When informed about the birth of his first child Khiya Ram was reported to have said, “Kaise? She didn’t even lay an egg!” following which he became a subject of mockery in the media. At that time a senior villager (89 year old Siya Ram Jat) came to his rescue and yelled to the giggling media men, “Kisi ka mazaak udaana hai to mhaara udaao, saalo!” He later revealed that last year he became a father at the age of 88! “Dekho mhara footo naseeb! Sattar saal camel ka doodh peeya. Jaane kitni laate khai camel ki. Aur jab finally chance aaya to kandome bhool gaya! Mhaari to baj gayi!”

However neither Khiya Ram nor Siya Ram had it as bad as Brazilian football star – Ronaldo. At least they didn’t do it with 3 transvestites!

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