I’m Seeing Double!


Week one of work at JAM is over. It’s an awesome place to work at. I worked on my very first JAM issue which hits stands Monday. Can’t wait to see how that turns out, I might put up scans or something if I can.

The point of this post is to explain the sudden surge in posts (most of which you must have seen if you are a ClubJAM user). I’m supposed to write at least one blog a day as per orders (something I have no problems with). So for the benefit of the little circle of JustPazz readers, I will post the stuff which I like at ClubJAM as well as JustPazz. Some of the stuff will also appear on JAM Magazine.

Thanks to all of you the readership of this blog is increasing slowly but surely. March 2008 has been the month with the maximum hits since the starting of this blog, but note that  February and January 2008 had the same distinction before that.

Keep reading the blog, your support makes this more and more enjoyable.




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