Top 3 Disgusting Soft-Drink Flavours

3) Vanilla Coke – One dreadful day I switched the TV on and saw Vivek Oberoi dancing around on screen dressed more idiotically than usual. The awesome Bappi Lahiri loudly and proudly proclaimed the arrival of the ice-creamy thanda- Bhenilla Coke!
My very first swig of this horrible concoction was enough to put me off for good. This bastard child of Vanilla ice-cream and Coca Cola left as bad a taste in my mouth as would seeing Bappi Lahiri in a thong!
Here’s what I learned from the horrendous experience – Ice Cream..Good!, Soft drink..Good!, Ice Cream flavoured Soft Drink….Mommmmmmmmyyyy!!

2)Mirinda Strawberry – Mirinda Strawberry brought back childhood memories for me of the not so good kind.
As a kid I was frequently down with tonsillitis. The thing I dreaded the most about besides the swelling in my throat and the incessant coughing was the horrible taste of the cough syrups that were shoved down my throat by the spoonful. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had to endure patiala pegs of benadryl and corex. Anyway, the point is the taste..try and recall the weird, gag-reflex inducing taste. Okay now hold that thought!
Now add some fizz to that taste et voila – Mirinda Strawberry!

1) Pepsi Cafechino It was bad enough that the ad for this abomination of a cola featured what I consider, two of the most annoying Bollywood actresses – Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra shaking their butts in blue overalls. “The kiss of cola, with a kick of coffee’ was the way it was described in the ad. Sounds delicious na? Not quite, let’s change the description a bit. The Pepsi Cafechino experience was more like ‘a french kiss from a Dadima with a kick in the nuts.’

Before these haunting memories re-aggravate my schizophrenia I’ll kalti. Do yourself a favour and go have a ganna juice or something!