Understand, You Always Do!


Speak your mind
Without a fear,
Say what no one else
Will hear.

We’ll stand by you
Through it all
Our weak hands
Will break your fall

Be the hero
In our time of need
Heal yourself
So we can bleed

We moved the walls-
You were unaware.
You understand,
Don’t you?

We live in castles
In the air.
You’ll live with us
Won’t you?


7 thoughts on “Understand, You Always Do!

  1. Aishwariya

    The third stanza doesn’t make complete sense to me, but on the whole this is written well. It has a very genuine register/tone…I can see this being used as a sort of tribute to heroes….

  2. Pazz

    I guess ambiguity comes automatically when the message is deeply personal, at least for me. the third stanza is exactly that. if you actually put your mind to it, it’s quite a literal metaphor, but anyway I dont wanna ruin your interpretation by super-imposing mine

  3. Aishwariya

    I kind of saw it as a sort of sarcastic take on this particular hero, but I wasn’t sure if I was right. Come to think of it, a second reading of the poem has changed my entire perception of it. It is more like this poem has multiple layers, not so much an issue with ambiguity- if that makes any sense.

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