Ship is my Country…


When I was one and twenty,
I finished B.Com
But even after that
I found no kaam.

Interview after interview
I was not clearing
So I enrolled myself
For marine engineering.

But it was vary hard,
Not bachho ka khel,
If I failed,
They wouldn’t let me sail.

So I studied and studied,
Night after night.
And then in exam,
I wrote everything right!

Now since I was topper
I got a good offer,
All gain, no lose
I joined luxury cruise

Now ship is country,
Sea is my home,
Duty is my life
But who is my wife??

9 thoughts on “Ship is my Country…

  1. hmm… funny in parts…though i could sorta relate to it. 😉
    ps- in the 2nd last line of the 2nd last stanza – is it mean to be loss or is “lose” intentional ?

  2. Aishwariya

    I am sensing some ‘PK’ influence in this poetry writing style you’ve adopted recently…=P

    This was pretty funny….the lose/loss thing had me confused for a bit, but I saw the word cruise and then it all coalesced into something meaningful =D

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