Branching Out


Hi Everyone,

I am glad to inform you all that I have been selected for a Summer Internship with JAM Magazine. I will work with them on their magazine as well as their website ClubJAM. I’m really looking forward to the experience.

I will also be writing on a Cricket blog known as ‘The Unofficial IPL Blog’ which was started by Aditya PK (the funny guy on my blogroll). If you’re a cricket fan who’s looking forward to the Indian Premier League or IPL, this is the place to be! I have already put up my first article there and hopefully will write regularly there.

Just Pazz… is still my home and you will continue to see me here as well, just as much as in the past!

Hope you guys support me in my other endeavors as well.



4 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. Friggin’ Awesome Dude..


    JAM needs you…Tell them to resurrect the quality of their cover pages. The covers were absolute genius in the past but now they are real bad.

    I don’t think a lot can be done with ClubJAM though…Anyways I am sure JAM would truly benefit from you.

    And yeah I will do quite active commenting on the IPL blog..



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