Saas Bahu Aur Zaika


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Now you might wonder what the hell I am talking about here…Well let’s just say this is another case of me watching a crappy TV show/Movie and deciding to make a blog post about it. Today’s menu feature a unique concept.

Name: ‘Saas Bahu aur Zaika’

Channel : Live India TV

Concept: ‘Saas Bahu aur Zaika’ combines two hit formulas of TV shows into one…the result – a dish that leaves a repulsive after-taste in your mouth. The show is a cross-breed between a Saas-Bahu Show, a Sitcom, a cookery show and Fantasy. Ask me how!

Well Saas Bahu aur Zaika (lets call it SBZ) features 3 characters – Saas – The Shapely Mother-in-Law, Bahu – The Anorexic Bahu and Zaika – The Guy who’s dressed as a chef. Now I think the Zaika fellow is a real chef and it would have made sense to just show him on a simple cookery show but NO! Creativity knows no bounds. Live India decided to have the best of all world’s.

So every episode revolves around how the mother-in-law is either very hungry(not surprising looking at her figure)/or has invited guests over/ or is demanding something new to eat etc. etc. If our stick-thin Bahu cannot deliver, dire consequences await her. (Classic Saas-Bahu stuff).

Enter Zaika! The master chef….the genius….he’s like the rat from ratatouille, only he’s not a cartoon character and isn’t cute and fun to watch either. Zaika (which literally translates to taste) makes everything the ‘health-conscious’ saas can ask fo. In the episode that I was lucky enough to witness, he made a Potato Omlette…..yes you heard me right….a potato omlette….an omlette with real potatoes in it. He also made various other delicacies such as Cheese Garlic bread and Chicken Mayo Sandwiches and what not.

While Zaika does all the cooking, Bahu stands there and provides highly intellectual insights and poses some great questions as well

e.g. When Zaika was making the chicken-mayo filling for the sandwiches, Bahu asked ‘So are you going to put this filling….between the breads??’

Tough one indeed!

Next comes the sitcom angle….the saas basically goes mad-whack due to hunger…something like the Hulk when he’s hungry….I mean angry (We all know we won’t like him when he’s angry!). So starts bouncing off the walls doing all sorts of crazy things which are supposed to provide ‘comic relief’. In the episode I watched, she started to believe she was Basanti from Sholay!!

As is quite evident by now, all that Zaika cooks in the episode is served to the Saas at the end of the episode so she doesn’t lose her mind due to hunger and is able to preserve whatever little gray matter she has remaining.

But here’s the twist…..I bet none of you saw this coming….Zaika….the unassuming, hardworking, diligent, wonder-chef….is not really a chef…

He’s a………………….GENIE!!!

And guess where Zaika the Genie lives!! He lives inside the pressure cooker!! Awesome no?

Proof of this is found on their title track (which by the way has awesome lyrics as follows….)

Female Voice:

Saas Bahu aur Zaika (x2)

Saas Bahu ke ghar ke andar

Rehta hai Jin Cooker ke andar


Hahahahahahahaha! (Genie Laugh)

Naam hai jiska Zaika!!!

Kya pakau mere aaka!!

Female Voice:

Saas ko shauk hai khane ka

Aur Bahu ko shauk pakane ka! (uhh what does Zaika do again?)

Saas Bahu aur Zaika (x2)

Oh by the way…to check the title video out click here or click on the cover image!




Oh by the way…This show was nominated for ‘Best Cookery Show’ in 2006 on the HHITA awards (no clue what that stands for)