Late Night Cliché


With tales of Summers,
Winters and Springs.
With borrowed metaphors,
Amongst other things.

With flowers and birds,
Of vibrant hues,
With memories sweet,
Of me and you.

With joy and sadness
Calmness and rage,
I unsuccessfully try
To fill up a page.

Inspiration, perhaps,will come another time.
Until then, kindly bear with this rhyme.

9 thoughts on “Late Night Cliché

  1. Aishwariya

    I like this one. I don’t claim to get the humour completely- I mean I know how this could be seen as an attempt at humour, but still…
    Anyways, I like how you’ve used the cliches with the intention of sounding cliched…adds a sense of novelty to the whole piece actually.
    Looking forward to reading more of your work in the future 🙂

  2. It was quite cool..

    i didn’t get the humour coz’ I haven’t read a lot of poems to get to know what cliche is…


    I think this is very very good.

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