In Nothingness.


“Trivialities interest me not,
The final prize I chase,
For when my share of pain exhausts,
True joy I will embrace.”

Seasons changed
And he remained.
Silently he bore his cross.

His quiet prayer
Kept him sane,
Smilingly he faced each loss.

And then one day
He realized,
Impervious he’d become,

The dark, long night
Had ended
But morning never would come.

No longer did he feel the pain,
Yet happiness he did not gain.

A perfect balance he had struck,
In nothingness, forever stuck.


Dedicated to those who believe that absence of pain is synonymous with happiness.

6 thoughts on “In Nothingness.

  1. harsimran kapoor

    so it aint dedicated to me!!!
    nice one
    liked it alot..
    had to read carefully to understand what u wanted it to say..was well worth it..
    ab pad le!!

  2. Pazz

    The first stanza is not a quote from someone else’s poem…it’s original…the persona depicted in the poem says that thereby making evident what he is searching for. The rest of the poem is self explanatory

  3. konika

    yeah i know u dont copy lines – i was just wondering since they were in quotes and also didnt seem as structurally accurate as d rest of the poem .

  4. litwiz

    hey nice one………very deep and poignant……only the charachter seems kinda vauge (thats my opinion, so u can ignore it if u want :P)you could have at least mentinoed who he was, as is a parson or jesus christ or whoever…..

    but bottom line,loved it!

  5. Pazz

    Thanks for the compliment….but I dont wanna give you an interpretation which negates your idea of the poem….it is what u want it to be

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