Me Bambaiyya!

Chaos is our peace within,
Adjustment: Our way of life.

Polluted is the air we breathe,
More is what we always need.

Distances blur,

Boundaries break,

Day turns to night

Night to day,

Nothing ever stops.

The filthy sea,


Consumes them all.

In the city
We call home.

15 thoughts on “Me Bambaiyya!

  1. litwiz

    i’ll take your words for granted as a local mumbaite……though one visit in mumbai was enough to make me appreciate the fact that i live in pune!

  2. Aishwariya

    This poem kind of works for most cities everywhere except perhaps the bit about the sea (if taken literally).
    This is wonderfully evocative, and very honest. I liked it…

  3. Pazz

    I guess in a way there is greed, adjustment, congestion, pollution and never ending work hours in every major metropolis in the world, but there’s something about Mumbai that makes it addictive despite the obvious shortcomings. The sea metaphor is a literal one in this case as you pointed out correctly.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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