Three vary original, vary nice poems that were written fast fast on the spot tonight.

Keep safe distance, use dipper at night…happy journey!


Other day
I am walking down the street,
And right at my feet
I don’t know how,
Came this little fellow
And said “Bow Wow!”

I am thinking
‘From where it is sounding?’
And before I am realizing,
He is surprising
And licking my feet.

I am saying
‘You are wanting something to eat?’
He is wagging tail
So I am giving bhel.

Chottu puppy,
Next time if you are hungry,
Come again
Come one, come all…
Wag tail, get bhel
I will never fail.


In our country,
There are different peoples,
With hobbies which are different different
Like them.
Some collect stamp
Some collect shell
But some are doing something
I am feeling shy to tell.

Let me say in secret,
They are bird watching
(If you are knowing what I mean)
You will have seen
Those mawali’s covered in dirt
How shamelessly they flirt!
With every Beti, Behen and even aunty!

I am to be thinking
This is not right.
This is very shabby.
They should be doing other hobby.

“The Blank Call”

Science is making rapid rapid progress,
With nice nice inventions,
And new new innovations,
But some don’t make sense
And become nuisance!

One invention from hell
Was made by Mr.Bell
It is so bad,
I am becoming vary sad.

You see,every time I am going to bathroom
And while doing bath I sing
Phone is interrupting
Saying ‘Tring Tring’
‘Tring Tring.’

Then I am running and running to the room
With the hope
That i wont trip because of the slippery soap.

Sad misfortune – I fall.
But somehow I am bearing it all,

I am getting up and picking up
And it is blank call.


The End!

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