Your Silent Smile


We watch the dawn
Of a new day,
As the sun dispels
The darkness
That was once all around us.

We set out –
Fingers entwined,
Leaving our imprints
On the sands
To face the world
That awaits us;
Quietly confident
Yet not unafraid.

As we arrive at the path
Where once we stumbled,
We fear
For what lies ahead,
But realize: it is now
The time to act.
Moving ahead
Has become our supreme fact.

I look at you,
Your silent smile speaks
More than words
Can ever tell

We cast our fears to the wind
And march ahead…
Without a regard
For Heaven or Hell.

12 thoughts on “Your Silent Smile

  1. harsimran

    a good one…kinda shows the mood u r in and hence the overall effect is that the reader has a knowing smile on her/his face.

  2. Aishwariya

    Pretty ambiguous, yet conveys the meaning rather well. I am afraid I found it a little hard to get past the few cliched lines/ideas you’ve used, but despite this you’ve done a fantastic job with your chosen theme. I particularly liked the irregular sentence length/structure…adds a touch of originality

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