Hush little one
Go back to bed.
Fear not the ghosts
Inside your head.

Remember the stories
You were told,
The fairy tales
With clouds of gold.

With knights and maidens
Brave and fair,
And beautiful castles
In the air.

And if a nightmare
Should make you cry,
Just soothe yourself
With these little lies.


8 thoughts on “Deny,Deny,Deny.

  1. Pazz

    Hmm well, its open to interpretation but my mind went back to difficult times we saw as a family and how they always ‘shielded’ me from it even though they knew that I knew what was up. Its that whole thing where they want you to be a child and be innocent, while you’ve already been exposed to hardships and have had to grow up to cope with things.

  2. harsimran

    this one i really like, coz its so …universal..
    how we are protected not only by our loved ones but even by ourselves and how we pretend that nothings wrong when everything is astray… i’ve never read a poem that has touched a topic like this..and therein lies the reason y this poem appeals to me so much.
    its real, untouched, precise and clear, and yet it has all the mysticism of a great poem!!
    my favorite so far!!

  3. Aishwariya

    It almost has a singsong quality to it which contrasts the gravity of the theme beautifully. The relatively cynical tone and the fairytale imagery work really well together….and I might be overanalysing this now, but unlike your other pieces this one has such a wonderfully regular and mundane structure- again contributing to the contrasts…

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