Maidens, Centurions and Silly Points


The latest offering from the maker of The Young and Stupid Series is here. “Maidens, Centurions and Silly Points” is a must read for every Rameez Raja hater, every fan of Sachin Tendulkar and the bigger legion of my fans (Okay I pushed it too far there). But I’m not kidding, the 3 people who have read this so far say it’s really funny, but one of them was watching his favorite sitcom at the same time, so there might be some confusion there.

The story gathered controversy when Blogroll Member Aditya PK, plagiarized the idea and then later publically admitted to doing so
Before I sabotage the story while trying to ‘promote’ it, let me just link you guys.

Okay for those of you interested in giving my blog some more hits CLICK HERE

I’ve got something better for you guys. Here’s the downloadable version of “Maidens…” (which is hosted on guilty-as-charged Aditya’s website) with some soon-to-be-added features like a cover design by a friend and a prologue by another friend. Support these hungry artists, and me of course by DOWNLOADING THIS FILE. Come on guys, you’re Indian, and this is free, I don’t see any reason why not to do this!


And don’t forget to write to us!



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