The Unfinished


One by one,
You laid everything
We built to waste
And walked away,
Without a regard,
While I gathered the pieces
And cleaned up after you.

First you, then love
And then the memories
One by one,
They all went away.
And I remained,
Out in the cold
Pleading with the embers of hope
To shed their blanket of ashes,
But they refused to awaken
From their slumber.

Warmed by the fever inside,
I survived the darkest night,
And rose despite the pain,
To see the light
That I thought I’d never see again,

The day I find my reasons,
And have my revenge,
Has dawned finally.
Soon the tables will turn,
And you will see
What it’s like to be me.

No more can you ignore,
And pretend as if
I am a part of your past,
That died long ago,
You probably still believe so,
But a rude shock awaits
Life has come full circle,
The hunter shall soon
Be the hunted

Did you think you’d never have to pay?
Do you think you can still get away?
Try as you may, but all said and done,
I am a pursuer, you can’t outrun

I shall haunt you,
Wherever you go,
Until you repay
Everything you owe.

I seek neither apologies,
Nor explanations,
And least of all pity,
All I ask,
Is for you to deal
With the unfinished.


5 thoughts on “The Unfinished

  1. I’ll do what I always do open up my bag of adjectives that i stick to ..hmm..theres neat, awesome, good, beautiful, mind blowing, great work , dude awesome! .

    Hmm I’ll use neat.

    Btw copy paste from notepad. It works better. No hassles of the spaces between lines.

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