Writing to the Self


No this isn’t the title of a poem or a new story, it is simply what the title states: something I’m writing to just put my thoughts out there. This is a style of writing (if you can call it that) which I really enjoy and is almost therapeutic at times for me, but with time I almost totally cut it out from this blog for whatever reason. Maybe I didn’t want to sound whiny about life or someone who writes to kill time (though I have indulged in both, sometimes at the same time). Tonight I feel like writing this way again and I am doing exactly that.

The first term of my second year is almost over (5 more exams to go to be precise) and life as always has come a long way, though somethings remain the same regardless of time. Some other things get unexpectedly better with time, while some inexplicably worsen and no matter what you do, sometimes you just cant fix them. Without naming any particular instance or person, I’d say that I have learned that it indeed it takes two to tango (though I can assure you my two left feet are still present). For something to work, whether its a relationship, or a marriage, or a work project or anything else, we need both parties to work together. It also takes two to tangle and two to rid the tangle. Unless both parties choose to bury the hatchet at the same given time, things will go from bad to worse, even if one of them chooses to breathe life into a dying cause.

I, the tubelightened one, once again affirm that all must end. The shelf life varies and the fashion in which it ends varies, but the fact that it ends does not. ‘Forever-ness’ as the wise man (who would rather profess ignorance) would say is something that isn’t physically manifested in this world. It does exist but in an obscured way. ‘Forever’ as the late (yet alive as ever) legend of music Freddie Mercury would say is ‘our today’. Indeed it is today, maybe tomorrow or the day after if you are lucky, but don’t expect too much. Quantity need not mean quality. Short-lived need not be ‘bad’ and long lasting is not always great.

Beauty is truth and truth is beauty as Keats said. When something ceases to possess the same truth ( the same beauty) that was once the base of it’s existence, it ceases to exist. Note the significance of the moment here. Like the Mayfly (in the Vodafone advertisement), value every waking moment. It takes a moment to destroy something that took years to build and a moment to decide to restore something that was destroyed. Trust me on that, I’ve seen both happen and it surprises me each time.

As a parting thought I want to talk about one of my favorite topics: love. My current stance on it is that you cannot wait to fall in love, you have to be in it forever, every single moment. Be in love with love, give love and ‘karma’ will make sure that the rest of the cycle completes itself (Thank you Earl Hickey). I was mistaken in waiting for someone to fall in love with. The thing is you cannot place conditions on love. You have to be in a full time state of love. Confusing as it may sound, what I mean is that, be in love with love, there are a million others who already are and sooner than later you will find someone to love ‘love’ with you. But for now it’s Just Pazz


4 thoughts on “Writing to the Self

  1. Once beauty is gone it ceases to exist : Well yes. But what made you think that? Why did you think that in the first place. Doesnt falseness exist? 😀

    ok more seriously now-
    It takes a moment to destroy something that took years to built and a moment to decide to restore something that was destroyed.

    Theres something behind every moment. Can anyone tell me what?

  2. oh tubelighted one make 2 corrections- built in the 2nd last para should be build and 3rd last line should be ” million others who aready are”.
    ok that takes care of the corrections. the piece on the whole is okay , a lil vague in parts i guess its meant to be that way .

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