Reflections on Rejections


What’s in a name?
‘Rejection’ by any other,
Would still mean the same.
Be it ‘let’s just be friends’
Or ‘I want this to end’
Or the other statements which to date
I fail to comprehend,
They’re all the same.
Just rejections…
By a different name.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on Rejections

  1. Sheila

    And I loooove the Young and Stupid series! reminds me so much of the sneaking around and secret rendezvous with ex bfs behind my moms back…ah! crazy days….Whens the next part out!! I have to know what happens! Hurryyyy

  2. Sheila

    Actually I do knwo what happens…You sent me the whole draft…I just read it! Yaaay! Can i spoil teh ending for everyone??? hee hee

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