Voices from the Past


Destroy,Destroy every little bit!
Free me from these shackles
And bid me adieu…

The sun will set soon –
Leaving us engulfed in darkness
Light the fire
For it is my fate, my destiny,
To be consumed by the flame
that enchants me.
The longer we wait,
The harder it will be,
So destroy!
Destroy every little bit of me

With every grain of slipping sand,
I lose a part of who I am
And a part of what I used to be,
Leave me with some dignity,
Wait no longer –
Destroy every little bit of me

Destruction alone,
Gives birth to life.
The future will be born,
If the present dies,
Bury me in time’s sands,
Surrender me into death’s hands,
That is how it is meant to be,
This game is over – destroy me

So Strengthen yourself
and do not cry,
Hold back the grief
As you wave me goodbye.
There is no need for any sorrow
This dying day,
Will soon be your tomorrow

4 thoughts on “Voices from the Past

  1. harsimran kapoor

    its a sad poem… shows that a person quit or prob lost a fight with lyf and is now making excuses to himself.. promising his tortured soul a better tomorrow!!
    Gosh! come to think of it it makes a great poetical suicide letter!!!
    ho ho!!

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