The Moment


The moment is here,

The moment you’ve been waiting

For such a long time now.

Through sleepless nights,

And day dreams,

And numerous talks with friends,

Thinking, wondering, not knowing

‘What will happen?’

Yet fully aware,

Of impending, inevitable failure.


Why try then?

Why blindfold yourself –

and walk down a busy street – to be struck,

Struck down,

Over and over?


And then there is ‘hope’

Tempting, seducing, blinding,

Making you feel you can take the world on,

Making you feel,

Like you can drive a noodle through a wall,

Making you feel that indeed,

You could do it all,

If only you try.


And then come the thoughts,

And the second thoughts,

Then comes hope and soon after – despair,

You run a thousand miles,

Coming back to the first square,


Is it really worth it?

To put yourself through this,

Time and time again?



Through sleepless nights,

And day dreams and wandering thoughts,

Through numerous talks with friends,

And late night calls,

Only to be told,

‘That’s not it,

That’s not it at all!’


Over a hundred years ago,

Another man tried….and failed,

Should I forge on then, or give in to fear,

Well too late,

The moment is here!

5 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. harsimran kapoor

    the indecisiveness beautifully portrayed…!!!
    i m gald the chap did not get a chance to give up!!
    usually it would have been called ‘holy intervention’
    but since U wrote this peice, lets just call it the ‘Pazz intervention’

    nice poem..but i like ur posts withan element of hilarity better!!
    they rock!!

    but then again my opinion dont matter as u r a person who doesn’t give two hoots about public opinion – good or bad. n u say that because both your well wishers and your enemies know only one side of you hence their judgement although partially correct is incomplete, thus invalid.

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