You there….WAKE UP!!


Not too long ago, a not so wise man told us that there are four kinds of people in this world – The Victim, The Spectator, The Cynic and THE WINNER! Now according to him everyone could be covered under these four narrow (and quite ambigious I must say) categories. Needless to say, I have my issues with this whole concept of pigeon-holing people. Also I have an assortment of issues with the not-so-wise-man himself, but lets save that for a later date, shall we?

Leaving aside my subjective disagreements with this concept, it has some major flaws in its very design. For those of you used to atleast a little bit of psychology jargon, this is what we call a rating scale, whereby you rate your ownself by selecting the most relevant option according to you. And this whole exercise aims at giving people an insight to your personality. But coming back to the discussion, the first fatal error of this rating scale is the fact that it is heavily lopsided. Imagine, who would want to call themselves a victim. Everyone wants to be the goody two shoes Winner! The winner who can do no wrong, the winner who sails past one issue after the other with a smile, the winner who keeps his spirits high even when he has hit rock bottom. Call this guy a superman if you may, but I think he’s a retard and exactly the reason why things never change for the better, be it here in our country, or at a work place or wherever. We always have these optimistic idiots who seem to see a silver lining to the darkest of dark clouds, who hope against hope, who ‘adjust for the time being’ and ‘make the best of what they have’. Well La-dih-frickin-dah ‘Mr. I’m-so-high-on-Red Bull-that-nothing-seems-like-a-downer-anymore’. You my friend are an embodiment of all that is messed up with this world of ours. Adjustment is one thing, but bending over backwards is a totally different story altogether (whatever floats your boat). There comes a point where you wimps need to put your foot down and demand a change instead of curling up into a ball and ‘positively thinking’ a storm away. You call it optimism, I call it denial. I call it a reluctance to wake up and face the ugly world that we live,a refusal to accept reality. Keep your rose-tinted glasses on if you want to if it makes the picture prettier for you, but dont try to make everyone else a part of your own little escape from reality.

What the world needs is more cynics. And I dont mean any of the glass is half full/half empty mumbo-jumbo (in fact I would say, I dont care how full or empty the glass is, rather see what is in the darn glass). Not too long ago as well, a wise person I know wrote about something totally unrelated to this topic, but right now I see that it fits here nice and snug. She wrote about how she wore a pair of scratched, battered and beaten spectacles, and thought she was seeing the world as clearly as we were. But when she got herself a new pair that was scratch free, she couldnt adjust to it. Simply put it, her mind had become so used to covering up for the flaws of her visionary crutch that when she actually saw the real world as it was, her mind could just not accept it. That exactly is what you will feel like when you come to terms with the bitch we call reality, my little optimistic buddy.

The problem with the world today isnt the obvious fact that everything is messed up. Its the fact that instead of making a change or at least trying to do something in the right direction all we do is adjust. We put up, and we shut up. We ‘focus on the bigger picture’ and sacrifice the smaller interest in favor of the larger good. We emphasize on the  short term consequences of actions and conveniently sweep the motive behind that very act and how it was done in the first place, below the carpet.  If tomorrow democracy was overthrown by a dictator who attacked and invaded each and every helpless nation (the one’s Bush hasn’t attacked by then I mean), and if that brings ‘prosperity’ to the country, more often than not, our spineless optimistic colleagues would vote in favor of this trigger happy maniac.  Come to think of it, wasn’t this how Hitler came into power into the first place.

You may label me as a pessimist or a negative thinker or whatever it is that you kids use these days, but I dont really care. I’m a realistic thinker, not unnecessarily positive like Barney the dinosaur and not as depressed as your average wrist slitting, emo loving teen. As I simply said, it doesnt matter to me whether the glass is half full or half empty, it’s what inside that counts to me. Everybody is a VICTIM some point in his life, its how you overcome it that shows your character. But overcoming a difficult time doesnt necessarily require you to think positively, thinking realistically is what matters. There will also be times when you cannot help but be a SPECTATOR, dont try to be a superhero in a situation like this, its for your own good.

If you still wish to pigeon hole me, call me a CYNIC. I feel it takes a cynic to notice what is wrong with a system or an idea and to challenge that. The victim, the spectator and our thickheaded Winner wont be able to do anything to change this world.  I wont be as optimistic as to say that if you are a cynic, you can change the world (save those lines for Miss World pageants). I simply say this, the worlds messed up, the sooner you accept this, the better it will be for you.

Hope that you wake up soon little friend. The clocks ticking!


3 thoughts on “You there….WAKE UP!!

  1. hey ya me liked this post too….i have an issue with the whole pigeon holing thing too…i think labeling is too dangerous a thing to do…mention it always in my abnormal lectures with regards to people who are “mentally ill”

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