Dude Where’s Your Blog?


To Everyone,

As you all know, there have been no updates on this blog since the 10th of April. Now you may wonder as to why I haven’t written anything in such a long time. But there isn’t a reason really. It’s just that there hasn’t been anything that has moved me enough to write about it. And as you know, I don’t write unless I feel like it. I’d rather wait till an idea comes to me than write a forced piece. It would be like lying to myself if I wrote about something I didn’t relate to. So that’s about the reason why there hasn’t been an update. I guess I have just become picky when it comes to writing. So guys, just bear with me while I wait for that great idea to hit me like a tonne of bricks. It should hopefully be worth the wait (not the biggest optimist you see!).

Until then keep visiting and posting on your own blogs (if you have one).

Thanks for the patience.



4 thoughts on “Dude Where’s Your Blog?

  1. you want to be hit by a tonne of bricks eh? That could be arranged. just tell me when and where.

    hows the job? When do we get a treat?

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