Late Update….


Well by now all of you know this……but if you still dont then I regret to inform you (and admit to myself) I dont have a girlfriend. The whole thing about me asking the girl out and everything else that followed it on the nite of 31st march to April 1 nite was all a prank….

I did promise a picture of me with a special someone……so here’s a pic of me with someone just like me who’s really cute, who all of you know….and who is right by my side day after day….

Me and my faithful stuffed steed

Well thanks for coming. Sorry to all the bakras and bakris….and thanks for being there for me even though it was a prank. Im really glad I have a family and friends who care so much…..Ill make a proper post about it later!

Signing off,



One thought on “Late Update….

  1. i was the Only real April FOOL!! :/

    hehe.. but its ok.. its been a long time since someone played an April fool joke on me!
    Donkay looks a little pale.. have you not been feeding him well?

    love ya!

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