Of SingleHood, SuDoku and Good Looks


Can you say wasted! Thats exactly what I am right now (minus the dope). Well, I havent been doing anything off late. To add to it, my internet connection and I have been in an on and off relationship for the better part of the last two weeks. Also my landline is incoming only since a week and my cellphone balance was 42 paise for like 3 weeks or so. So if you were wondering where the heck I was, thats my alibi. I noticed over this period of time that people get curious about what exactly happened to you, but no one calls to check on you.I kept getting missed calls from friends as reminders to call them back, but none of them actually bothered to call me back even after seeing no reply from my side. I’m not really ranting, but it would have been nice if someone actually called.

News for those of you who thought I couldn’t handle being single (that includes me). Turns out I can….and quite well. In these holidays, Ive stayed at home for 2-3 days at a stretch on more than one occasion (without anyone calling me up as I mentioned earlier) and I really didnt get bored by myself. Nor did I get lonely. I figure thats a good thing. I like the fact that I can enjoy my alone time again. Not that I didn’t earlier, just that loneliness doesn’t creep in anymore.

I’ve also been staying up late (surprise surprise), and well since my net wasnt working, I was watching a lot of late night TV. Before you get your evil minds running, let me stop you, there’s nothing racy on late night TV…Absolute Zilch! It’s like after 12, all our channels start showing these home shopping programs (which are hilarious by the way). And well what’s interesting to note is the fact that a large majority of these products deal with physical appearance and ‘personality development tools’. After a conversation on the same with Ishrat and a bit of thinking, I realized that indeed we as people are too hung up over looks and so called personality traits.

Think about it people, when it comes to hair, we either dont like the quality of our hair or dont like our hairstyles. A bad hair day is a catastrophe and a bad haircut, well lets just say people would pick a root canal over it. When it comes to weight, your either too fat or too thin. No one’s the right weight anymore, and our fellow men and women (who aren’t in the best of shape themselves) will make sure that we are made aware of our weight or the lack of it. If you have acne/ aren’t fair/ dont have glowing skin guys/girls wont like you. Heck, Ive had people tell me things like “You’re too tall!”….umm now how do I fix that again?

Society is on an all out campaign to make everyone believe that looks are important and if you dont think so, its time you did. One of the arguements I made to Ishrat when we were talking on this was that I wasnt really bothered about the way I looked, I was just as content being unshaven with overgrown hair as I was after a hair cut and shave. Her answer was it wouldnt hurt to look presentable.Well it wouldnt hurt true, but its not like it would make a difference if I didnt. Well I might not get attention from the opposite sex,but its not like I’m the most wanted guy around anyway. Besides if finding a partner was based on looks alone, I dont think guys like me would find anyone anytime soon. I’d like it that someone would get to know me and like me for what I am, rather than me getting a hair cut and look presentable and go from a “NO” to a “Maybe” or a “Definite Yes”. Not the best thing to say for a single guy, but thats what I stand by.

One look at the news channels and I was sure that they have officially run out of things to report. But more importantly, news channels focus more on distracting the public from hardcore issues. Rakhi Sawant feeling violated or what Shakira ate for dinner is not NEWS. And whats with the ‘Comedy Champions’ shows on the news channels. Hows the same old jokes used over and over again part of news? Newspapers are no better either, Mid-Day cant even be called one anymore. Mumbai Mirror jumped the shark with its second Orkut front-pager in my opinion. True they address issues as well, but come on 9 pages of classifieds and 10 pages of entertainment compared to 5 pages of city news isnt exactly news people. In fact most people buy their newspapers for the new Japanese waste of time we call Su-Doku. I think we should have a newspaper just dedicated to that. I bet tonnes of wasted folks will buy it.

As I write this, my modem has died out again, and I must now save this post and wait till it reconnects. Only then can I post this. Until then, take care y’all!

I’ll be back with more stuff soon enough (depending on my net connection).

Here’s Pazz signing off…see ya!


4 thoughts on “Of SingleHood, SuDoku and Good Looks

  1. Virtualchameleon

    hmmmm, i dont know what to say,

    i agree completely with everything you said, bout looks being ‘important’ and the fact that what we get cannot be classified as news…….

    see, i really don’t know what to say…… you said it all damn well

  2. ooh! I love this post! I didnt know you were lonely.. I was too.. I should have just called you. Darn!

    I completely agree with what you say. Everyone else *God knows who thye are* has decided whats the right look for us and whats not.. and if people are going to be shallow enough to decide to want to talk to us based on what we look.. heck, i dont want to talk to them! *So i will not make fun of Osci and his new look*
    I have decided to be happy the way that I am.. If I decide to dress up its for me and not for anyone else…. but compliments will still be appreciated! 🙂

    yeah.. its true bout the newspapers.. After producing dozens of snobbish BMMers why are our newspapers still so trashy?? This topic is a new post in itself…
    Su do ku.. Do you know that there are ppl in our city who still dont know how to play! lol

  3. Hey Classified news is fun! You try reading it. Just yest I found out that our college has a vacancy for a couple of teachers in JC.

    No I dont plan to apply. What makes you think they will let me teach when they didnt even let me get in to be taught.

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